See our frequently asked questions about our service. If there is anything additional you wish to ask, please get in touch!

A young mother is breastfeeding her newb

When should I get in touch about using your services?

We would recommend that you get in touch with us as you are commencing your third trimester (after 28 weeks). Ideally, we aim to carry out our first consultation at approximately 32 weeks and complete our Postnatal Care Plan by 36 weeks. This is just a rough timeline and we would be delighted to take on bookings from a later gestation.

When is the best time for you to support me postnatally?

Our service is entirely tailored to you and when you would like to see us. The time that most women prefer support is in the first two weeks following birth however we are able to conduct visits up to 28 days postnatal.

Do you replace the postnatal care I would receive from the hospital?

We aim to work in a supportive capacity in the postnatal period and we would recommend that you continue to receive the routine postnatal care from your hospital/community midwife.

Where is the care provided?

All your care will be provided in the comfort of your own home at a time and date that suits you. We aim to be as flexible as possible however it is important to note that we do still work for the NHS in our respective midwifery roles.

Do I have to be a first-time mum to use this service?

No - we offer our services to all families as we believe that what we provide is valuable to everyone, whether it is your first baby or tenth!