Breastfeeding - Tips to achieve a deep and comfortable latch

Sit upright, with your back well supported by cushions and pillows - remember, you'll be in this position for some time so make sure to get comfortable!

2. Hold your unwrapped baby behind their chest and shoulders making sure to only cup the nape of the neck (not the head) with your hand.

3. Allow baby's head to fall back onto your wrist/forearm, presenting with baby's chin first - this is essential as it allows room for baby to take a big mouthful of your breast.

4. Position your baby so that their whole body is facing yours with their nose being aligned with your nipple.

5. Use your hand and arm to snuggle and hold baby's chest close to your breast.

6. Ensure that baby's lips and chin are touching the breast below your nipple.

7. WAIT for baby to respond with a wide open mouth - be patient and really wait for the wide open mouth - we know it's tempting to try and latch baby on as soon as they open their mouth even a little bit however, a mouth that is not wide open will not be able to take in a proper mouthful of breast tissue.

8. Once baby's mouth is wide open, quickly bring baby onto the breast - push behind baby's chest and shoulders, never behind baby's head.

9. Look to see; full round cheeks, a curled out bottom lip, the chin pressing into the breast.

Your baby's mouth must be filled with your breast and not just the nipple in order to drain the breast effectively. Once you have achieved a latch that is deep and comfortable, continue to hold baby close to you to prevent baby from slipping off the breast!

Use your hand and arm to snuggle and hold baby's chest close to you.

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