Three pregnancy choices - This versus that

There’s no denying that babies bring joy and happiness into your home as well as judgmental, snooping questions, remarks and unwanted advice about how to raise your baby. It may feel overwhelming at times and you just want to shut everyone out because of all the confusion.

We’re here to simplify it for you and help you make 3 key decisions on what works best for you and your baby. Of course, in the end, the decision you choose to make is one solely for you and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it Mama!

Natural birth Vs C-section

First things first, every woman has their own birth plan and that may or may or not change when its time for the baby’s arrival. All we have to say is, be ready for anything. Remember, its not about how your baby makes its arrival but whether it is the safest option for both mother and child when its time.

Breastfeeding Vs Bottle-feeding

This is the ‘mother’ of all topics. How you choose to feed your baby sometimes isn’t a decision you make. Although breast milk has some great health benefits, some babies have rejected nursing for several reasons like the flow of milk, teething or even distraction. If this doesn’t work for your baby, give bottle feeding a try. In another aspect, if you’re having trouble producing milk of your own, health specialist say formula is a good alternative to feeding.

Disposable Diapers Vs Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are the old school way of covering your baby’s bum. Although a tedious option, cloth diapers have their benefits like reducing diaper rashes and all round less expensive. Then again, disposable diapers are more suitable as they’re low maintenance and a better fit for a busier lifestyle. The good news is, depending on your preference and pocket, your baby’s bum will always be covered!

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