Ways to connect with your newborn

Bonding is vital to the development of newborns. Some parents may find that they develop an instant attachment to their babies and some parents may find that the connection can take time and thats okay too. Attachment is formed through small but consistent acts of care and warmth and can be done in lots of different ways including:

1. Touching your little one - cuddling, stroking, massages and skin-to-skin contact

2. Responding to your baby's cries as this lets them know that you will always be there

3. Talking to your newborn as often as you can - it will help them recognise the sound of your voice and helps them with their language development later on in life

4. Singing to your baby

5. Baby wearing

6. Making eye contact with your baby and making silly faces as babies love looking at faces. As they get older, babies will start to copy the facial expression they see, especially with sticking out their tongues!

This list is not exhaustive and ultimately, the most important way that parents show their baby that they care are through the regular and routine acts of feeding, nappy-changing and general day-to-day caring.

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